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​Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Solutions

We support local, infrastructure and renewable energy grid installations, with vast special solutions that can withstand all extreme weather elements


Pwoer Cables and Wires:

  • UL Approved

  • Low & High Temperatures

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen

  • Outdoor & Extreme environment

  • 7.5KV> 529Amp>

  • 4/0AWG > 28AWG

  • High Flex

  • Armoured and Shielded


Cable Management:

  • Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Identification and Tagging

  • Labeling

Instrumentation Cables & Fiber Optics:

  • Fire Resistant XLPE insulation

  • Multi conductors & Twisted Pairs DC ballanced

  • Screened cables, Individually and collectively.

  • Singl Mode Multi Mode Fober Optic Cables


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