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Medical Equipment Solutions

​We can offer some very unique solution for the medical equipment builders and designers  Among our solutions we offer:

Push Pull circular connectors features:

  • Push Pull locking mechanism

  • >5,000 Mating cycles

  • Blind mate system

  • IP50, IP68 protection

  • Chemical resistance to ISO 16750-5

  • 6 Sizes up to 30 contacts

  • Mechanical and visual coding.

Wires & Cables

  • Power Cords UL, SOW, SOOW SOJW.

  • Hi Flex multi conductor cables

  • Hi and Low Temperature lead wires & cables

  • Chemical resistance

  • Hybrid Cables

  • UL CSA Power cord sets

Cable Managment & Accesories:

  • Identification products printable heatshrink tubing

  • Panel Lables

  • Warehouse labelling

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing


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