Coaxial cables

With a range of high quality, standard, miniature and sub-miniature coax cables in 50 ohm, 75 ohm and 95 ohm impedances; high performance coaxial cables such as Flexiform and Multibend has been built on a foundation of RG ‘Brown’ coaxial cables.

These cables are for fixed installation in most areas and on open deck in ships or on oil rigs and various industrial use. Excellent resistance against weathering, ozone, UV-rays, Oil / Diesel oil. Typical Marine, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical applications are for example Ship Engine rooms, power plants and/or other areas where ambient temperature may exceed +80°C.

Water blocking cables

Fully water blocked cable, meaning the complete cross-section may be subject to water pressure. The designs have been tested and exposed to water pressure up to 45 bars and among other specifications qualified in accordance with longitudinal water blocking test in VG 95218 part 2.

Thees cables are intended for flexible, portable, movable applications. Applications such as ship to shore cable, outdoor cranes and various industrial applications.It is suitable for flexible applications in machineries, machine tools, robot technics and can be submersed into water. The cable has good mechanical characteristics, high tensile strength, is abrasion resistant and resistant to UV, chemicals, oil and other fluids. The cable can be coiled back and forth. Suitable to dragchain use. Mud resistant according to NEK606.

Fire resisting

A concept family of wires and custom design cables is intended for use in extreme environments where high temperature (peak temperature of 1565°C) and mechanical resistance are critical. From its original purpose of withstanding the rigors of steel production, the product range has found many uses within safety-critical systems as it can continue to operate throughout a fire. Ideal for use in emergency systems and for a variety of applications in heavy industry. 

Custom design

Specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance, custom design cables, and cable systems. Each aspect of the conductor, screen, insulation, and jacket can be made to specific, bespoke requirements. With over 30 standard insulation and jacket materials, and a wide range of approvals and manufacturing capabilities, we will work with your engineers to design and produce custom wire and cable to suit your application and bu

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