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ISO 101 ( REV. D ) Series EMI/RFI circular connector backshells are lightweight, economical, and saves space by eliminating the rotating coupling nut.  The slot and boot groove are optional providing faster lead times and lower cost. Military MIL spec.  Some connector interfaces include, but are not limited to: MIL-C-5015, 26482, D38999 Series I, II, III, IV.

135 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 135 SERIES ( REV. Q ) EMI/RFI circular connector backshells are a miniaturized backshell solution that interfaces with Glenair 800, 801, 803, 804 & 805 Mighty Mouse, and Filconn Field Mouse connectors. Military MIL spec.

150 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 150 SERIES ( REV. AF ) EMI/RFI circular connector backshells offer a single banding surface and are available in straight, 45 and 90-degree angular functions and interfaces with MIL 26482, D38999 Series I,II,III,IV and more. Military MIL spec.

160 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 160 SERIES ( REV. K ) EMI/RFI circular connector backshells offer two banding surfaces for double gross over braid requirements. It is available in straight, 45 and 90-degree angular functions.  They interface with MIL 26482, D38999 Series I,II,III,IV and more.

170 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 170 SERIES ( REV. E ) The 170 series is a low profile, two-piece design with a single banding platform. The two-piece design allows for easier repair service in the field while the low profile offers additional space savings over our standard back shells. They interface with MIL 26482, D38999 Series I,II,III,IV and more.

180 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 180 SERIES ( REV. K ) EMI/RFI circular connector backshells are a low profile hinged solution that allows easy access to the pins for field repair service with direct access to pins and contacts. Particularly beneficial when using high pin count connectors to allow ease of routing wires in the back shell. Military MIL spec. They are compatible with MIL 26482, D38999 Series I,II,III,IV and more. Available in Straight, 45, & 90-degree E.W.I.S. Solutions.

191 Series Circular Backshells

ISO 191 SERIES ( REV. J ) EMI/RFI circular connector backshells are our hinged low profile back shell with an elliptical cable entry, allowing for easy repair/service in the field with direct access to pin contacts and wires. Military MIL spec. They interface with MIL 26482, D38999 Series I,II,III,IV and more. Available in 90-degree cable entry only. E.W.I.S. Solutions.

RJ45 Backshell for EMI Integrity

Isodyne’s RJ45 backshell provides EMI shielding and protection for COTS RJ45 connectors both shielded and non-shielded. Set screws on each side of the backshell are used to hold the connector in place and provide a grounding path to the connector shield.

  • Compliments all RJ45 (8P8C) connections (shielded & unshielded)

  • Smaller footprint than a traditional D38999 RJ45 connector

  • Top, side, & end cable entries available

  • Backshell protects release tab from accidental breakage

  • Spring can be removed and replaced hundreds of times with no degradation of holding forces

  • No tools required to attach over braid to the backshell

  • Military MIL spec

205 Series D-Subminiature Backshells

ISO 205 SERIES ( REV. AB ) EMI/RFI D-sub connector backshells are a D-subminiature that interface with MIL 24308 series connectors standard pin layouts. Military MIL spec. Available in straight, 45 and 90 degree cable entry.

215 Micro D-Subminiature Series Backshells

ISO 215 SERIES ( REV. P ) EMI/RFI D-sub connector backshells are an elliptical Micro D-subminiature. Interfaces with MIL 83513 connectors, available in straight and 45 degree angular entry only. Military MIL spec. Standard 9,15,21,25,31,37,51, and 100 pin layouts.

Super Short Circular Backshell

Isodyne Short Series Adapter is one of the smallest EMI backshells available. Direct coupling to the connector reduces stack up allowing for smaller, lighter over molds. A lower cost backshell option with excellent reliability and EMI performance. Available in all plating options.

  • Short termination distance from the accessory interface

  • Smallest overall EMI accessory packaging

  • Great for molded applications

  • Shorter lead time than integrated banding circular connectors

  • Same EMI performance as the standard Isodyne system

  • Low-cost effective EMI solution

  • Military MIL spec

ISRA Circular Series Backshells

ISRA Series – Our Integrated Strain Relief Adapter (ISRA) is simply a modification code available on most circular cable entries, 250-inch diameter or larger. Providing strain relief directly to the cable bundle adds a level of reliability in the most rugged of applications. Reduced component count, smaller size, all FOD captured in over boot also provide improved sealability.

  • Strain relief directly on the cable bundle

  • Strain relief inside overbraid/heat sink

  • No protruding hardware

  • Adaptable to most standard circular cable entries

  • Environmentally sealed strain relief, when coupled with conventional heat shrink products

  • Only a simple modification code is needed to add to existing part numbers

  • Military MIL spec.

Variable Angle Backshell System

The Isodyne Variable Angle Backshell System allows cable entry from six positions fixed by a single set screw. Incremental locking positions set at 15 degrees now reduce parts inventory with added capabilities. Combined with Isodyne’s patented tool-less braid termination system, our Variable Angle Backshell System offers ease of use and versatility.

  • Adjustable angular functions with 6 set locking positions at 15 degree increments from straight to 90 degrees

  • Standard Isodyne tool-less braid termination system

  • EMI Integrity and environment are maintained

  • Single set screw locks positions

  • Reduces backshell part numbers in inventory

  • Available with integrated strain relief modification

Bulk Head Backshells

ISO 750 SERIES ( REV. G ) Bulk head connector backshells can often replace a connector used as a junction point saving weight and cost. Military MIL spec.

TACOM Shrink Boot Adapters

TACOM Shrink Boot Adapters and Backshells. Most adapters are submersible up to 6 feet and provide excellent strain relief, environmental protection, and EMI/RFI protection. These adapters and backshells are often used in tanks and armored vehicles.

Splice Kit S-Series Backshells

ISO SPLICKIT-S SERIES ( REV. F ) The S series are straight, custom lengths and custom entry cable diameters to meet your specific needs.

Splice Kit T-Series Backshells

ISO SPLICKIT-T SERIES ( REV. G ) Comes in T configuration custom lengths and custom entry cable diameters to meet your specific needs.

Splice Kit X-Series Backshells

ISO SPLICKIT-X SERIES ( REV. E ) Comes in an X configuration, custom lengths, and custom entry cable diameters to meet your specific needs.

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